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Tyson is the largest poultry producer in the U.S. and one of the most notorious animal-abusing companies in history. In response to overwhelming consumer demand to end needless torture of chickens, dozens of major food companies—including Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, Compass Group, Aramark, Sodexo, and Chipotle—have committed to improving their animal welfare standards to help prevent needless suffering. Tyson, however, continues to support horrific animal abuse by failing to adopt the same meaningful animal welfare standards. Tell Tyson it’s time to stop torturing chickens!

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Stop the Torture

It’s time Tyson pledged to meet by 2024 the improved chicken welfare standards laid out by Global Animal Partnership and adopted by dozens of major restaurant chains, foodservice providers, distributors, and producers:

  • Transitioning to strains of birds approved by GAP based on measurably improved welfare outcomes
  • Reducing maximum stocking density to equal to or less than 6 lbs./sq. ft., with no cages, per GAP standards
  • Providing chickens with enriched environments, including litter, lighting, and enrichment that meets GAP’s new standards
  • Replacing live-shackle slaughter with multi-step controlled atmosphere processing that eliminates the horrific suffering caused by shackling, shocking, and slitting the throats of conscious animals
  • Demonstrating compliance with the above standards via a third-party auditing system

These are commonsense minimal changes that would greatly alleviate needless suffering for billions of birds every year.

Companies Committed to Improving Animal Welfare
At Tyson Foods, Animal Cruelty is
Business as Usual

Bred for Pain

Chickens raised for Tyson Foods are artificially bred to grow so unnaturally fast they often suffer debilitating leg pain and organ failure.

Routine Violence

Workers are caught on camera routinely punching, beating, throwing, and tormenting animals for fun.

Broken Bones

Violently shackled upside down by careless workers, many birds suffer broken bones and other injuries.

Heads Ripped Off

Improperly shackled chickens miss the “kill blade” and have their heads ripped off while still alive.

Cruelty Critics

Abuse Runs Rampant

Multiple undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals into Tyson Foods—the largest poultry producer in the U.S.—have exposed horrific animal cruelty, including birds bred to grow so fast they collapse under their own weight; workers violently punching, beating, and stabbing animals; and birds having their heads ripped off while they are still alive and conscious.

Each time our investigators go behind the scenes at a randomly selected Tyson Foods chicken factory farm or slaughterhouse they emerge with horrific images of animal abuse.

Palmetto Farms – Tennessee, 2016

Hidden cameras captured thousands of chickens suffering from untreated injuries, illnesses, and debilitating leg deformities at this Tyson contract farm.

Tyson Foods Carthage – Mississippi, 2015

A whistleblower filmed rampant animal abuse while working at this Tyson Foods slaughterhouse—perhaps the largest poultry slaughterhouse in the world.

T & S Farm – Tennessee, 2015

At this contract farm for Tyson Foods—a major McDonald’s McNugget supplier—a brave investigator documented widespread animal abuse and suffering.

McGinnis Farms – Delaware, 2015

A whistleblower working at this Tyson Foods contract chicken factory farm documented heart-wrenching cruelty and neglect.

As shocking as it is, horrific animal cruelty and neglect is just business as usual at Tyson Foods. There are no federal laws to protect chickens during their lives at factory farms, and most states exclude chickens from anti-cruelty laws. This means Tyson Foods is able to get away with routinely torturing chickens in ways that disgust most people.

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The best way for individual consumers to help end this cruelty is to leave animals off their plates.

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